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Evolution of dating

With the internet, the dating pool was infinite and not bound by geography.

You could talk about anything, with anyone, anywhere.

There is no longer an expected age to get married, and companionship can range from two weeks, to a lifetime.

The first ‘Dating Agency’ was originally set up by vicars who produced a list of people ‘they‘ thought were compatible to be married.

Love matches were found even easier – including a ‘pre-screening’ process – something that newspapers or phones could not provide – photos.

Dating is not necessary to demonstrate that evolution is a fact.

Chronological sequence is all that is really required.

Dating has been around since men and women have been attracted to one another. In the past, dating used to be seen as a formal ritual, whereas now, it is a casual episode.

There is no disgrace in being alone, but it is often thought a preference of having a partner in life who you are comfortable with.

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