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John White and grand daughter of Carter Braxton, the signer. Rich ard Bland of Revolutionary fame, who was the son of Theodorick Bland, one of the earliest settlers in Virginia. 16, 1809, and served as acting lieutenant of the Hornet in the engagement with the Peacock, Feb. He was promoted lieutenant, July 24, 1813, and first lieutenant of the Hornet during her action with the Penguin, March 23, 1815. NEWTON, Richard, clergyman, was born in Liverpool, England, July 25, 1813 ; son of Richard and Elizabeth (Cluett) Newton. 1839, and at the General Theological semi nary, New York city, in 1839. Freer, he announced the discovery of the germicidal action of the or ganic peroxides which under the designation of acetozone or benzozone have come to be widely known. He was said to have no equal as an equity lawyer and as a cross-examiner. John Nuckolls, Sr., joined the patriots, and about 1779 was killed by the Tories while at a mill, his young son John, who was with him, escaping. William Thompson Nuckolls was graduated at South Carolina college in 1820, and became a lawyer at Spartanburg C. Cal- houn, who said of him that he was one of the best informed men in public life. 23, 1859, to Mary, daughter of Ralph Briscoe, of Wal ton county, Ga.; was professor of mathematics in Hamilton Female college, 1859-61, and principal of the Johnston institute. He was quartermaster of the 9th Georgia militia, Col. He was pastor at Rome, Ga., 1875-84, superintended the church building department of the Southern Baptist church, 1884-85, pastor at Eufaula, Ala., 1885-87, and at Anniston, Ala., 1887-89. He was a lecturer on obstet rics in Bowdoin college, 1846-54, and professor of obstetrics there, 1854-66. William was graduated at the Virginia Military institute with the first honors of the class of 1861. He visited Mexico in 1881, 18, gather ing material for several books, and traveled in Spain and northern Africa in 1888, South America in 1889, and in the West Indies again in 1891-92, as commissioner for the Columbian exposition. In 1901 he purchased and became the owner of the Philadelphia Times, which he placed under the management of his brother, George Washington Ochs, and in July. He was elected an associate of the National Academy of Design ; a member of the Society of American Artists, the American Water-Color society, the New York Water-Color club, the Salmagundi club, the Brooklyn Art club and the Society of Landscape Painters : and received medals and other honors for his work. He attended the diocesan college at Navan, and was prepared for the priesthood in St. he was elected titular bishop of " Flaviopolis " and vicar apostolic of Marysville, Cal., which included the territory of Nevada, and the upper half of Cali fornia, and he was consecrated in the chapel of All Hallows college, Dublin, Feb. Joseph s cathedral by Archbishop Alemany, June 9, 1S61. He retired to the College of the Society of Jesus at Woodstock, Md., early in 1872, where he resided until his death. Donnelly s Reviewers (1889), and of popular imaginative short stories published in the magazines. Y., on whicli he re sided, 1805-06 ; and was editor, publisher and author in New York city, 1812-55. 1756; son of Robert Ogden (1716-1787), and great-grandson of Jonathan Ogden, one of the original founders of Elizabeth- town. 28, 1801, to fill the unexpired term of James Schureman resigned, Feb. 29, 1812, serving, 1812-13, and refused the commission of major-general in the U. This scheme brought him in conflict with Robert Fulton and the Livingstons, who had exclusive patents to navigate the waters of New York state by steam for a number of years. He was a trustee of the College of New Jersey, 1817-39, and the honorary degree of LL. He entered the Confederate army in 1861, and served in the Trans-Mississippi department, first as a lieutenant in the 16th Missouri infantry, and afterward on the staff of Col. He was a Democratic representative from the fourth Louisiana district in the 53rd congress to fill the vacancy caused by the appointment of Representative N. J., in 1755; son of Robert Ogden (1716-1787), member of the King s council, and delegate to the Provincial congress in New York, Oct. He enlisted in the patriot army at the outbreak of the Revolution, and joined Wash ington at Cambridge. OGDEN, Thomas Ludlow, lawyer, was born at Newark, N. 12, 1773 : son of Abraham and Sarah (Ludlow) Ogden ; grandson of David (born 1707) and Martha (Hammond) Ogden, and a descendant of John Ogden of Elizabethtown, N. Lit is the author of: An Outline of the Argument against the Va lidity of Baptism (1842); The Catholic Church in England and America (1844), and edited Jacob s Latin Reader, with notes partly translated from the German and partly gathered from other sources. Alexander Ogle, a native of Maryland, who removed to Som erset county, Pa., where he was a member of both houses of the state legislature for many years from 1806 ; a representative in the 15th congress, 1817-19; general in the state militia, and died, Oct. Charles Ogle studied law, and was ad mitted to the bar in 1819. After reconnecting, the couple started dating on and off for over a year. in her adoptive mother's Jewish religion (her adoptive father was a Gentile), but did not ....Our top priority is providing you with a focused experience based on who you are and what you want so you can focus only on the most suitable matches.We innovate tools which encourage meaningful relationships, leading to better first dates and more marriages.

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That his family might not suffer, he continued to practise medicine while studying the prescribed course at his home in Westmore land, taking the regular examinations with the class at the Virginia Theological seminary. Paul s churches, South Farnham parish, Tappahannock, Essex county, Va., 1871-76; of St. Paul s church, Philadelphia, 1840-62 ; of the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia, 1862-81, and of the Church of the Covenant, Philadelphia, 1881-87. He was a [i] NEWTON NEWTON trustee of the University of Philadelphia, 1869- 87, and received the degree of D. He is the author of : Rills from the Fountain of Life (1856) ; The King s Highway (1858) ; Bible Jewels (1867) ; Nature s Wonders (1872) ; The King in His Beauty (1875) ; Bible Promises (1876) ; Natural History of the Bible (1877) ; Covenant Names and Privileges (1880) ; Leaves from the Tree of Life ; Giants and Hou- to Fight The>ii ; The Heath in the Wilderness ; Travels in Bible Lands ; Heroes of the Early Church ; Heroes of the Reformation ; The Life of Christ for the Young ; Bible Animals. NIXON, John, patriot financier, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1733; son of Richard and Sarah (Bowles) Nixon. 13, 1866 ; son of Amos and Anna (Andrews) Noyes ; grandson of David and Harriet (Cook) Noyes, and of James Henry and Ruth (Bott) Andrews, and a descendant of Nicholas Noyes, of Newbury. He was grad- \iated from the Massachusetts Institute of Tech nology, B. S., 1887 ; was assistant and instructor in organic chemistry at the institute, 1887-88, and 1890-93 ; was graduated from the University of Leipzig, Ph. in 1890, and was ap pointed assistant professor of chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1894. Mulliken, Laboratory Experiments on the Class Reactions and Identification of Organic Sub- sta net s (1899) ; also of fort} original papers de scribing reseaches in theoretical and organic chemistry. He was a reporter on tlie Washington Star, 1877-81 ; practised law in South Dakota, 1883-87, and assumed the editor ship of the Washington. He was chosen a trustee of the Columbian university in 1889 ; was elected president of the Alumni associa tion in 1891 ; became president of the board of trustees of the Washington Public library in 1896, and of the Washington board of trade in 1897. James Noyes, a na tive of Cholderton, Wiltshire, England, immi grated to America in 1634, and settled in Newbuiy, Mass., in 1635. 17, 1794; son of Jonathan and Ruth (Barrett) Nourse ; grandson of David and Rebecca (Barrett) Nourse, and a descendant of Francis and Rebecca (Towne) Nourse, Salem, Mass., immigrants. He was elected judge of probate of Sagadahoc county in 1860. He was pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church at Bioomington Station, Ind., 1843-45. NYE, James Warren, senator, was born in De Ruyter, N. Silver City (1882); Travels in Mexico (1883); Mexican Resources, A Guide to and Through Mexico (1885); Montezitma s Gold Mines (1885): The. While in college he wrote verse, edited a paper in London, 1851, and in 1852 came to the United Slates, where he contributed to the Lantern, edited by John Brougham, and to the leading literary magazines and newspapers. Later he came to the United States, where he engaged in missionary work in California, sub sequently serving as president of Santa Inez college, Santa Barbara county, and then of St. He became one of the most prominent lawyers in the United States, and his practice included cases involving, for the time in which he lived, the disposal of vast sums of money. He also established a parish school in connection with the church. He was a member of the third plenary council at Balti more. 21, 1840 ; son of John and Jane Lawrence (Green) O Ferrall, and grandson of Dr. justice of the peace, sheriff, repre sentative in the state legislature, and clerk of the court. to Elizabeth M., daughter of Nathan Pusey of Washington city, Pa. and in 1777 was enlisted as captain in the 1st New Jersey regiment, of which his brother Matthias was colonel. 11, 1777 ; the battle of Monmouth, June 27, 1778, where he was brigade-major of the advance corps of Gen. and assistant aide- de-camp to Lord Stirling : and the battle of Springfield, N. In 1779 he was entrusted by Washington with the official account of the trial of Andre, the decision of the court, and the letter addressed by 152] OGDEN OGDEX Andre to his commander, which lie delivered to the commandant at Paulas Hook. He was associated with Alexander Hamilton in the practice of law in New York, and was the counsellor for many corporations, including the Holland Land company. J., in 1744 ; son of Uzal Ogden (who died in 1780); grandson of David and Abigail Ogden, and a descendant of John and Jane (Bond) Ogden. Chandler and was ordained both deacon and priest in the Established church, in the chapel of the Episcopal palace at Fulham, Middlesex, Sept. He re turned to New Jersey, where he labored all his life. 4, 1822, OGILBY, John David, clergyman, was born in Dublin, Ireland, Dec. He was the first rector of Columbia College grammar school, 1829-30 : established and con ducted a private school with Lorenzo L. He went back to England, was promoted in the army, was again governor of Maryland, 1735-42, and a third time, 1747-52.

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