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Dooley is the opposite – she feels humans don’t have dirty desires, but can be corrupted through media showing gore, erotica, and pedophilia.

Nogami noted that Dooley’s conviction on the topic was so strong, that she came off as an assassin from .

What was supposed to be a session involving Dooley asking Nogami about his opinion about the depiction of young girls in anime ended with Dooley commenting, “My desire is to put all pedophiles and ones who produce pedophilic media in jail.” Nogami alluded that Dooley lumped him into this group.

Nogami said that their one-on-one session devolved into an argument about “human desire.” Nogami admits that he believes humans inherently have dirty desires and need an outlet to act on them.

In any case, back on topic - yes, someone already pointed out that positions don't preclude certain activities, so long as you can reach one supposes ...

And again, so long as all parties involved consent - and are legally able to consent mind - I don't care what they're doing.

:(" title="Irked"/Statistics say you have a 99% chance of getting used to it and actually actively pursue sticking your penis into something in the next few years.

DO NOT DISCUSS THE MANGA BEYOND THIS EPISODE.---------------------------------------- O. But he is always negative about everything while she is the complete opposite of him. There wasn't a scene I didn't like this time, 'My sides hurt. I'm going to have to rewatch the episode since there were just too many funny moments with the charactes and a lot of the small background details which were just as hilarious. The first episode kinda disappointed me, but this whole episode made me crack up like i've never before. I like the references to other series and the zaniness that deep love has caused!

Media-friendly moralfags with Guy Fawkes masks got fame for operations like Project Chanology, Anon Ops, Operation Payback and Occupy Wallstreet.

Suddendly more people knew about "the hacker collective Anonymous" and wanted to participate, which lead to them finding 4chan and starting shitposting there.

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"By anytime, where the mathematical numbers cannot void, I'm the only one who does everything by the numbers.

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Places like /jp/ (the board for Japanese culture and media), /a/ (the board for anime and manga) and /r9k/ (the board for frustrated and depressed singles) became home to many NEETs and virgins of 4chan.

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