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These contain a record of vegetation and climate change during the two most recent glacialinterglacial climate cycles.

Marcus has used different dating methods to find out when, and how fast, environmental changes happened.

Jain Extending the area of investigation of fine versus coarse quartz optical ages from the Lower Danube to the Carpathian Basin Papers in the first INTIMATE special issue of Quaternary International (vol.

Since the ice forms from the incremental buildup of annual layers of snow, lower layers are older than upper, and an ice core contains ice formed over a range of years. (1999)Isotopic ‘events’ in the GRIP ice core: a stratotype for the Late Pleistocene Quaternary Science Reviews 18, p. Papers in the second INTIMATE special issue of Quaternary International (vol. 1-176, 2015): Aurel Perşoiu, Angelica Feurdean, Wim Z. (1998)An event stratigraphy for the Last Termination in the North Atlantic region based on the Greenland ice-core record: a proposal by the INTIMATE group Journal of Quaternary Science 13, p. Results with contributions from INTIMATE activities have over the years been published as stand-alone papers in numerous journals as well as in collections of papers forming four special issues in Quaternary Science Reviews and two in Quaternary International. The Water Dating Lab at GNS has 55 years of experience in high-sensitivity tritium analysis.Our innovative, cutting edge techniques give by a large margin the highest accuracy and precision in tritium analysis [1].

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