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However, strangely I am getting *exactly* the behaviour that you describe. None of the applied solutions has any effect whatsoever. (Feel free to keep the file opened in the text editor so you can inspect changes when it is (or isn't) re-generated correctly.It makes no difference if you're viewing this file.) 2. Kyma (Apologies for the formatting - I assume its because I'm using Safari...I've added a new control to my aspx files and noticed that not only was the new control not added to the designer file but that it was also missing quite a few other controls that were added by other members of the team.I've tried deleting the file and using "Convert to Web Application" with no success.) to an ascx or aspx file, visual studio is supposed to automatically add the definition for that control to the file (associated with that ascx or aspx).Sometimes that works (for me), and sometimes it doesn't.) ( sorry, I'm not aware of any solution or work-around ... It is using the same namespace, in the form: Company Name. Repeatable steps to resolve the issue appear to be: 1.

Even though you know the control is defined on the page you’re in red squiggly hell: So now comes the dance: You’re trying to open the markup editor, make some changes. Open the designer, move something, compile try again… The problem here is that the designer file doesn’t get re-generated if you have some sort of layout error in the page.Solution 4 : Simply cut all the code of the aspx or ascx file, save it and again paste the original code, save it again. If nothing of the above solution works for you, please let me know.Please Like and Share the Blog, if you find it interesting and helpful.The most common scenario for me is when I paste code in from another page.For example I have a nearly standard header that I use on some pages that contain common toolbar buttons.

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In the few cases where you might open it be sure to always save changes even if you haven't made any.

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